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 SSFL Quarterly #1

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PostSubject: SSFL Quarterly #1   Sun Sep 07, 2014 12:22 am

SSFL Quarterly

It's been a quick four weeks in the SSFL. We are starting to see alot of interesting things going on around the league between injuries, rookies emerging, former playoff teams reeling, and last year's bottom dwellers seeming to become real contenders. Let's breakdown what's going on in the SSFL.

Key Injuries

LG Carl Nicks , Broncos : The Broncos starting LG Carl Nicks will be out for 4 weeks due to broken ribs, considering they already had their bye week this could hurt them if LG Orlando Franklin doesn't step in and fill the role of protecting future Hall-Of-Famer Peyton Manning.

WR Dez Bryant, Cowboys : Star receiver Dez Bryant has been out for a few weeks and will remain out for the next two weeks with a broken hand, while he said he will no longer re-sign with the Cowboys, this has to hurt them alot. There is no replacement for Dez, he's simply too good. But can second year WR Terrance Williams give the cowboys a spark to keep their offense afloat?

QB Ryan TanneHill, Dolphins : Former WR, Turned QB Tannehill will need this bye week to recover from the cartilage tear in his knee that he suffered in the last minute win his team locked up in London against the Raiders, he will return in time to face Clay Matthews and the Packers where without a doubt Green Bay will be sending pressure at the young stud QB.

WR Randall Cobb, Packers : Big time favorite of A-Rod, Randall Cobb will miss the remainder of the season due to a pectoral tear, following their 1-3 start the Packers must now rely heavily on WR Jordy Nelson and the rest of their receivers to fill in the production Cobb would have brought to the team.

WR Denarius Moore, Raiders : Speedster Denarius Moore will miss 3 more weeks following breaking his ribs. This injury has put the Raiders into a pickle, forcing their hand to go out and search for more talent at receiver due to the lack of weapons they have. When he comes back there is no doubt that the Raiders will have a nice trio of wideouts featuring Jackson, Streater, and Moore.

QB Drew Brees, Saints : The heart and pride of NOLA, Drew Brees continues to stay out, and will miss the next two weeks of the season following a broken hand injury he got early in the season. Journeyman Luke McCown has been forced to step in, and to this point has been very unimpressive.

QB Teddy Bridgewater, Vikings : Mr. Irrelevant of the first round, has been out for two weeks and will continue to be out until later in the season due to a broken collarbone he suffered, this is terrible news for the Vikings, but at the very least they still can rely on the shoulders of star running back, Adrian Peterson.



QB Phillip Rivers, Chargers : Through 4 weeks of the season, Rivers has been tearing the SSFL up throwing for a league high, 1,554 yards to go along with 11 TD's and 10 interceptions (96.2 pr). While the Chargers run game has been nonexistent they lead the league in passing yards.

On Pace : 6,216 , 44 TDs 40 interceptions

QB Jay Cutler, Bears : In his second year under the Quarterback whisperer Marc Trestman, Cutler has been impressive so far. He has gathered 1,293 passing yards to go along with 9 TD's and 5 interceptions (121.0 pr).

On Pace : 5,172 36 TDs 20 interceptions.

QB Geno Smith, Jets : Sophmore QB, Geno Smith has been lighting it up as of late, throwing for a suprising 1,204 yards 8 TDs and 8 interceptions in what is thought to be a run first Rex Ryan offense.

On Pace : 4,816 32 TDs 32 interceptions.


HB Matt Forte, Bears : Former 2nd round pick, and all purpose back Matt Forte is shining so far in the SSFL. Racking up 439 rushing yards on just 81 carries and a total of 539 all purpose yards to go along with 10 rushing TDs, his production along with Cutler's has lead the Bears to number 1 overall offense in terms of yardage.

On Pace : 1,756 Rushing Yards.

HB Jamaal Charles, Chiefs : Jamaal Charles has put the Chiefs lackluster offense on his back, so far gaining 359 total rushing yards to go along with 4 TDs.

On Pace : 1,436 rushing yards.

HB LeSean McCoy, Eagles : McCoy, has looked fairly impresive so far racking up 345 rushing yards to date on only 47 attempts (7.3 YPC) and accumulating 6 TDs, with the departure of star WR DeSean Jackson the Eagles will rely heavily on their backfield this season.

On Pace : 1,380 Rushing Yards


WR TY Hilton, Colts : It seems as though last years big playoff game against the Chiefs has propelled Hilton to the upper class and almost elite group of wide receivers, he has become a deep threat if there ever was one. Totaling 540 Receiving yards on only 20 receptions to go along with 6 touchdowns!

On Pace : 2,160 Receiving Yards 24 touchdowns

WR Hakeem Nicks, Cowboys : Maybe the Cowboys don't need Dez Bryant, Nicks has stepped in big time so far this season. Racking up 531 receiving yards to go along with 32 receptions and 4 TDs.

On Pace : 2,124 Receiving Yards 16 touchdowns

WR DeSean Jackson, Redskins : Don't press DJax! The SSFL knows this, and if you didn't know now you know ____. Jackson has been lights out for the Skins' accumulating 452 receiving yards on only 19 receptions to go with 5 touchdowns. Clearly a favorite of RGIII, who is 5th in league passing yards.

On Pace : 1,808 20 touchdowns.


There have been a few surprises recently, as it relates to standings in the SSFL keep in mind it has only been 4 weeks but it may be a sign of things to come.


Baltimore Ravens (1-3) : A predicted possible Wild Card team, the Ravens have looked like everything except a playoff team. Nothing seems to be clicking for them and based on right now, they could be looking at a top 15 pick by the time the 2015 SSFL Draft comes along.

Denver Broncos (1-2) : While we shouldn't overreact, the Broncos were the best team in the league a year ago second only to the Seattle Seahawks. Many have predicted that they would make their way back to the big game, but they have not proved any of their believers right so far.

Carolina Panthers (1-3) : We knew this season, Carolina would stuggle considering they had possibly the worst receiving core in the league, but no one expected them to not win a game until week 4.  After a stellar 12-4 record and the NFC South crown last year, the Panthers have just looked lost this season, there is simply no running game whatsoever and Cam's league leading 14 interceptions certainly are not helping.

Green Bay Packers (1-3) : Aaron Rodgers is possibly the best QB in the game, with his combination of intellect, playmaking ability, athleticism, and arm strength. However Green Bay has seemed like a team that is outright confused on the field, they were expected to be the clear cut winners of the NFC North, but based on what they've shown thus far, they very well may end up at the bottom of the barrel.


Cleveland Browns (3-0) : When the Cleveland Browns took Johnny  Football with the 22nd pick in the draft, many thought they should have opted to go with Teddy Bridgewater. But Manziel mania is hitting the streets of Cleveland as they are enjoying an early undefeated season.

Oakland Raiders (2-2) : Don't let the record fool you, this team could easily be 4-0 , they started the season 2-0 and have only lost to the Dolphins & Patriots, teams that are considered to be playoff teams in many experts opinions. The huge acquisition of Alex Smith and Vincent Jackson has pushed the Raiders into a nice spotlight, and will be a team to look out for in the near future.

Chicago Bears (4-0) : We knew coming into the season that the Bears would be a top 5 offense in the league, what we didn't foresee however, is how many points they can really put on the board. They lead the league in Points Scored and have lately been relying on the Arm of Cutler and the Legs of Forte to win, something Chicago fans aren't use to. If they get their defense back to those "Monsters-Of-The-Midway" days, look out.

Arizona Cardinals (3-0) : Last year, the Cards surprised everyone going 10-6 and barely missing the playoffs. Many believed they would once again become a fringe playoff team, but so far they have shown that they might just win the whole damn NFC West! They have played outstanding, as of late and show no signs of slowing down.

This has been the SSFL Quarterly, check back for any updates around the league. Until next time. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: SSFL Quarterly #1   Sun Sep 07, 2014 10:23 am

Great write up
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PostSubject: Re: SSFL Quarterly #1   Sun Sep 07, 2014 2:05 pm

Thanks man
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PostSubject: Re: SSFL Quarterly #1   

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SSFL Quarterly #1
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